What causes an air conditioner to freeze up?

- Apr 04, 2018-

What causes an air conditioner to freeze up?


1. Mostly because the refrigerant cannot circulate.

2. Bad heat dissipation.


1. Fluchlorin is not enough, or other refrigerants are not enough, add a little more.

2. If the air-conditioning is frozen in one half of the area and another half of the area is not cold, it must be because the refrigerant is less or the air-conditioning pipeline is blocked (also called half-blocked state), and the refrigerant cannot be circulated in time. The cold accumulated in the first half of the evaporator, causing ice formation.

3. There is also a situation that you do not match the air-conditioning inside and outside machine, the external machine is small, so that the internal machine will freeze.

4. The air conditioner may have too little air volume, and the air conditioner's cold capacity cannot be blown out in time. The temperature of the internal machine has been getting lower and lower for a long time and finally it has become ice. Check if the filter is blocked by dust. Please clean the filter as soon as possible.