What circumstances should use double tube sheet for shell-and-tube heat exchangers?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Double tube-sheet heat exchanger is a kind of shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It often occurs when the medium can not be mixed with the medium and serious problems occur. So under what circumstances should the double tube sheet heat exchanger be chosen? Several methods are recommended below.

The shell-and-tube heat exchanger often leaks when the tube is connected with the tube-sheet. Therefore, the double tube-sheet heat exchanger structure should be selected under the following special heat exchanger conditions.

I. Causes of Corrosion

There is no corrosion when the fluid between the pipe and the pipe is not in contact, but when the two fluids are mixed, it will cause serious corrosion of the equipment.

2. Consideration of personal safety and work-related injuries

One pipe is a highly toxic fluid. If it leaks to another pipe, the highly toxic substance will affect a large area.

3. Explosion safety problems caused by mixing

When the two fluids are mixed or contacted, they will cause combustion or explosion.

IV. Dirt left by chemical reaction of medium mixing

When the two fluids are mixed, dendritic substances or polymers will be formed.

V. Reaction with Catalyst after Fluid Mixing Change

Mixing the two fluids will change the performance of the catalyst or react with the catalyst.

VI. Chemical Reduction Reactions Between Mediums

When two fluids are in contact, a chemical reaction is restricted or not reflected.

VII. Impacts and Problems of Product Quality

Contact of the two fluids may contaminate the product and reduce the quality of the product.