What does the evaporator coil do?

- Apr 24, 2018-

What does the evaporator coil do?

The effect of evaporator is to use liquid cryogenic refrigerant to evaporate easily at low pressure, converting it into steam and absorb the heat of the cooled medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

Type of evaporator.According to medium,The evaporator is divided into two types, which are refrigerant coolant, cooling air or other gases.

Among cooling liquid refrigerant evaporator, There is a water tank (immersion) type evaporator (including vertical pipe, spiral pipe, snake type), plate evaporator, spiral plate evaporator, shell and tube evaporator (including horizontal evaporator, dry evaporator), etc

In the cooling air evaporator, the fin evaporator, refrigerated refrigerated air cooler (cooling fan) and exhaust evaporator are available.

The type of water side heat exchanger of small villa type and modular air-cooled heat pump chiller is: casing type, plate type and vertical coil type.

The integral unit usually USES dry shell tube heat exchanger. The characteristics of the tubular heat exchanger are simple structure, low price and good heat transfer performance.

The problem is that the loss of resistance is large, the scale is not easy to be cleaned, and special attention should be paid to the inner tube rupture or damage.

Otherwise, water enters the refrigeration system, resulting in system failure and compressor damage.

Vertical coil heat exchanger is simple in structure and cheap in price, but special attention should be paid to the oil return during refrigeration.

The heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger is high, which is usually three times of shell tube type, so it is small in size and compact in structure. The problem to be noticed in the use is that the gap between plates is small and easy to scale, which is high in water quality.

If water blocking, will cause the evaporator temperature drops, between ice and frost crack, due to the thin wooden partition, also prone to mechanical damage, where the water quality is poor, BanShi heat exchanger of the problem is more, the price also is quite high

The dry shell and tube heat exchanger used in the medium and large integral unit, with the refrigerant inside the tube, the water running outside the pipe, the water freezing in the summer is small, the structure is compact and the corrosion is slow.

However, as the condenser is used in winter, the refrigerant condenses in the tube, and its heat transfer coefficient is smaller than that of refrigerant outside the tube.

It is suitable to use the corrugated internal thread tube for the refrigerant in the heat pump chiller.