What Functional section of the heater for the air handing unit?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Functional section of the heater for the new air handing unit

The heaters for the new fan unit have multiple functional sections, which generally include the following:

Filter section: optional coarse filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, etc., mainly used to effectively collect dust particles with different particle diameters.

Cold section: Cooling and dehumidifying the fresh air with a cooler to control the air temperature and humidity.

Humidification section: use electrode humidification, steam humidification, etc., to ensure strict relative humidity requirements

Fan section: Centrifugal fan and axial fan can be selected according to requirements. Generally, centrifugal fan is used.

Sterilization section: such as UV lamp sterilization.

   The above is the conventional air treatment section, which can realize the requirements of the human body on the temperature, humidity and air cleanliness of the air-conditioned room. In addition, in consideration of energy-saving needs, in addition to the above functional sections, the heaters of the new wind turbine group may be equipped with a heat recovery section, which uses a heat recovery device to recover the cold heat in the exhaust air to pre-cool the fresh air or Preheating to achieve energy recycling.