What happens if the cooler leaks?

- May 17, 2018-

What happens if the cooler leaks?

The reason for the leakage of the cooler is due to the longer seal perimeter of the cooler or thinner plates. Leakage may occur during use.

Leakage can be divided into two situations: endoleak and outleakage.

First, check the cause of the leakage of the cooler: check whether the inlet parameters of the cooling medium and the hot water are consistent with the original design values.

If the inlet parameters of the cold and hot medium are in line with the original design values, but the outlet parameters do not reach the design values, the machine should be shut down to remove the clogging of the inspection boards or the scaling of the plates, and deal with them in time.

The process is as follows: Remove the dirt on the surface of the plate by disassembling the cooler, and reassemble the cooler after drying.

Then, the water pressure test with a pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 MPa was used to stop the test after the glide line came out of the water from the other side.

Carefully observe the untested side of the water-purifier plate, where the wet plate is a holed or cracked plate that will be replaced.

If not, you should try to adjust to the original value.

If the inlet parameters have been changed and the original design values ??cannot be adjusted, redesign and calculations must be carried out to determine whether to increase or decrease the heat transfer area or change the flow combination.