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- Jun 21, 2018-

Shell and tube condensers are the premier heat exchange equipment for metallurgical, chemical and refrigeration industries

Equipment in the process of use is very widespread, equipment is actually a new type of energy - saving heat exchanger.

Therefore, in the chemical industry, it has been infinitely developed and widely used.

The primary concern of the protection of the Shell and tube condenser is how to treat the fouling of it.

The Shell and tube condenser is operated outdoors, and the water on the surface of the tube is easy to corrode due to continuous transpiration, and it is humid at high temperature and easy to erode.

In order to solve this problem, the upper case and the lower case of the Shell and tube condenser should ensure the satisfactory galvanized thickness,

The heat exchange efficiency of the Shell and tube condenser will be greatly reduced after the water on the outside of the tube continues to evaporate and become dirty.

In the normal operation of the Shell and tube condenser, the equipment pipeline should be cleaned and the preventive test should be done frequently to maximize the protection of the Shell and tube condenser.

Selects the cantilever type shell and tube condenser: host in the process of start stop, because there is a pressure difference and shell and tube condenser coil temperature difference, pressure difference and temperature difference will cause the brass attack elastic straight effect

Because the expansion coefficient of copper material and scale is very different, the cantilever column tube condenser has the function of active descaling.

In recent years, in order to reduce nickel consumption, reactor manufacturers have shifted from producing conventional austenitic reactors (containing 8% of nickel) to producing low nickel (containing 1-2% of nickel and 8-10% of manganese) or not Nickel reactors, this year's production of ferritic reactors in China is expected to reach 2 million tons.

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