What is a gasket plate heat exchanger?

- Jun 15, 2018-

The gasket plate heat exchanger is made up of a number of stamped corrugated sheets, sealed at intervals, 

surrounded by gaskets, and compressed by overlapping frames and compression spirals.

The four corner holes of the plate and gasket form a fluid distribution pipe and a collection pipe

At the same time, the cold and heat flow is reasonably separated, so that it flows in the flow passage on both sides of each plate respectively, and heat exchange is carried out through the plate

Basic structure:

Gasket plate heat exchanger

1. Plate heat exchanger plate and plate heat exchanger seal gasket

2. fixed pressure plate

3. movable pressure plate

4. clamp bolt

5. Upper guide

6. Lower guide

7. Latter column

gasket plate heat exchanger (24).jpg