What is a Hot air curtain special water heater?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Hot air curtain special water heater

The water heater uses water as a heat transfer medium, and is electrically heated to heat up, and is forced to circulate and supply heat through a high temperature water pump. It is used in hot occasions where oil is not suitable as a heat transfer medium.

The heating element of the water heater adopts the tubular cluster structure design. The equipment has fast thermal response and high thermal efficiency. The temperature is controlled by microcomputer intelligent dual-temperature dual control mode. The PID is automatically adjusted and the temperature control precision is high. It is widely used in working temperature ≤98°C. The thermal process of heating, heat preservation and other processes in petrochemical, textile printing and dyeing, printing industry, pharmaceutical and medical fields. The main components are equipped with international and domestic brand products, with long service life, safety and environmental protection.

The high-temperature resistance wire is evenly distributed in the high-temperature resistant stainless steel seamless tube, and the crystalline magnesium oxide powder having good thermal conductivity and insulation performance is densely filled in the void portion, and the structure is not only advanced, but also has high thermal efficiency and uniform heat generation, when high temperature resistance When there is a current in the wire, the generated heat is diffused to the surface of the metal tube by the crystalline magnesium oxide powder, and then transferred to the heated member or the air to achieve the purpose of heating.