What is a plate heat exchanger?

- May 21, 2018-

What is a special plate heat exchanger?

The performance and characteristics of the plate heat exchanger must be very familiar to everyone, but if you add a special word in front of it.

You may be very confused, what is the specific plate heat exchanger?

Let us give you a solution:

1. Humanized design and classification for various conditions such as fluid, temperature and pressure. Corresponding to a variety of different models of products, users can choose according to the actual situation. 

2. The fluid can be evenly distributed across the entire layout. The unique design of the diverting area allows the working efficiency to be greatly improved. And make full use of the entire heat transfer area.

3. Due to the use of two combined vulcanized epoxy adhesive pads, the last advantage you can use with confidence is that it is not easily damaged. Therefore, it is absolutely permanent and firm to stick in the gasket groove.

4. Special plate heat exchangers require only one person to easily remove heat exchangers with simple tools. Just one person, you may not believe it, but the unique clamping bolt design will certainly dispel your doubts.

brazed plate heat exchanger (2).jpg