What is an air handling unit

- Feb 03, 2021-

The air handling unit is a series of products carefully developed by us with years of technical accumulation and sophisticated production technology. It can be widely used in government agencies, medical and health, scientific research and education, electronic communications, precision manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, aerospace, rail vehicles, metallurgy and chemical industries, Commercial occasions, electricity and solar energy, exhibition halls, theaters, restaurants, hotels and other occasions that require air conditioning.

According to the different cold source conditions on site, various types of chilled water type, air-cooled direct expansion type, ground source heat pump type and dual cold source type can be selected. Our air-conditioning unit has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, flexible design, convenient layout, high efficiency and energy saving, and can provide a variety of automatic control schemes according to customer requirements to achieve reliable, economical and stable operation of the unit. The product model is complete, the combination is flexible, meeting the different air treatment needs of various regions and industries.