What is automatic welding?

- Oct 12, 2019-

The mechanization and automation of the welding process is an important development in modern welding technology. It not only marks higher welding production efficiency and better welding quality, but also greatly improves production and labor conditions. In the manual arc welding process, the main welding action is to ignite the arc, feed the electrode to maintain a certain arc length, move the arc forward and extinguish the arc. If these actions are automatically completed by the machine, it is called automatic welding.

(1) High production efficiency. Submerged arc welding can use a large current, the arc has a strong penetration ability, and the weld penetration is large. Submerged arc welding heat concentration, welding speed, production efficiency is 5-10 times higher than manual arc welding.

(2) The welding quality is high and stable. The welding specification is automatically controlled and adjusted to maintain stability. The flux protection effect is good, preventing the air from invading the molten pool metal. In addition to the large current, the molten metal reacts well with the slag to make the composition uniform. The submerged arc welding weld metal has high quality, stable performance and beautiful appearance.

(3) Saving material and power consumption. The arc burns under the flux layer, the heat loss is reduced, and the power consumed is reduced. In addition, the middle and thin plates can be welded without the bevel, the welding wire has no spatter loss, and there is no welding rod head, so a large amount of welding metal material can be saved.

(4) Improve working conditions and reduce labor intensity. Since the arc burns under the flux layer, no arc is observed during welding, and the welding fumes are also small, so the working conditions are greatly improved.

(5) Due to the invisible arc zone during submerged arc welding, the requirements for joint processing and workpiece assembly are strict. Submerged arc automatic welding generally requires welding at the flat welding position. For the narrow weld and thin plate weld, it is difficult to use submerged arc welding.

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