What is bearing oil cooler?

- Apr 27, 2020-

Bearing Oil cooler 

It has novel structure and good performance. It can be composed of red copper tube, stainless steel tube, B10 nickel copper tube and L2 aluminum tube. It has the characteristics of good cooling performance and no leakage for a long time. Before leaving the factory, the oil cooler is subject to a quality assurance of 0.6MPa / 30min water pressure test without leakage.


Oil cooler (oil cooler) is a kind of oil cooling equipment commonly used in power systems, and is also suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, light industry and heavy industry. Using this equipment can achieve heat exchange between two liquid media with a certain temperature difference, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the oil temperature and ensuring the normal operation of power equipment. It is mainly used for equipment oil cooling, transmission system oil cooling, transformer oil cooling, etc. The oil cooler is divided into verticals according to the installation form. There are two types: horizontal type and horizontal type; according to the form of cooling tube, it is divided into smooth tube type and enhanced heat transfer tube type. The technical features are the argon paste and gas jacket welding process to adapt to the operation under different conditions. According to user needs, special sizes of oil coolers can be customized. This product has the characteristics of good sealing performance, eradication of leakage, high heat exchange efficiency, easy maintenance, long corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The oil cooler is mainly composed of six major components. According to the different forms of the cooling tube, there are a smooth tube type oil cooler and an enhanced heat transfer tube type. The smooth tube type oil cooler has good pressure bearing performance, long service life and easy cleaning. , Simple maintenance and other characteristics, and the enhanced heat transfer tube type oil cooler has the characteristics of large heat exchange area, fast heat transfer, small volume, self-cleaning, suitable for installation in narrow sites.