What is Blue Fin technology in air conditioners?

- May 16, 2019-

The hydrophilic aluminum foil which we called blue fin is hydrophilically treated on the aluminum foil, and is treated by a special process to coat a hydrophilic layer on the surface thereof. The condensed water will rapidly spread on the hydrophilic aluminum foil, will not condense into water droplets, and increase heat exchange. The area, speeding up the cooling and heating speed, and effectively avoiding the noise caused by the condensed water obstructing the air flow.

Non-hydrophilic aluminum foil has serious defects. The biggest problem is that the condensed water generated during cooling will adhere to the aluminum foil and form a water bridge, which will block the fins, affect the ventilation, reduce the heat exchange efficiency, and reduce the air conditioner. Energy efficiency ratio, which is more power-hungry.

In fact, whether the consumer identification is a hydrophilic aluminum foil, only need to sprinkle a glass of water, water can not flow away, it looks watery, there is a water bridge phenomenon is the use of non-hydrophilic aluminum foil.

Usually, there are many non-hydrophilic aluminum foils for single cold machines, and most of the cold and warm machines use hydrophilic aluminum foil.