what is cooling coil?

- Dec 18, 2018-

Cooling coil is a lower temperature water, the standard operating condition of the air conditioner is 7 ° C. Therefore, when it is cooled in summer, the surface usually dews (whether it is knotted or knotted, depending on the air state point), so its fins spacing should take care of the drainage, the surface of the fin should have a non-hydrophilic coating to facilitate drainage, and the accumulated dew is drained through the water tray; and if the main function of the coil itself is to dehumidify, then the number of tubes.

There will be more, from 3 rows to 8, 9, 10 rows of tubes, multi-row tube sensible heat cooling capacity is not obvious, but the total heat capacity (dehumidification capacity) will increase; hot water coil at the interface It is heat-resistant, and conventionally it has no condensation on its surface.