What is copper condenser in ac?

- Dec 25, 2018-

When the household air conditioner is cooling, the heat exchanger (also called heat exchanger) in the outdoor unit is called a condenser, and the heat exchanger in the indoor unit is called an evaporator. The exothermic process of the condenser, which exchanges the high temperature and high pressure gaseous Freon heat exchange with the air outdoors, and becomes a low temperature and high pressure liquid Freon.

The condenser, that is, the outdoor heat exchanger is a high-voltage device of the system during cooling (the low-temperature heat-heat pump type is a low-pressure device in the heating state), and is installed between the compressor discharge port and the throttle device (capillary or electronic expansion valve). The high-temperature and high-pressure gas (Freon) discharged from the air-conditioner compressor enters the condenser and is cooled by the copper tube and the aluminum foil. The air conditioner is equipped with an axial-flow cooling fan, which is air-cooled to make the refrigerant During the cooling and condensing process, the pressure is constant, the temperature is lowered, and the gas is converted into a liquid.

The process of changing the refrigerant in the condenser can be considered as an isothermal change process in theory. In fact, it has three functions. One is that the air takes away the overheated portion of the high-temperature air-conditioning refrigerant gas sent by the compressor, making it dry and saturated with steam; the second is liquefaction at the same saturation temperature; the third is when When the air temperature is lower than the condensing temperature, the liquefied refrigerant is further cooled to the same temperature as the surrounding air to provide a cooling effect.