What is corrugated tube heat exchanger

- Mar 09, 2021-

Corrugated tube heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchange equipment with enhanced heat transfer and energy saving efficiency. It is named according to the shape of the bellows or the fluid flow pattern. It is also called bellows heat exchanger or turbulent heat exchange. Device.

The corrugated tube heat exchanger is based on the traditional tube heat exchanger, applying enhanced heat transfer theory and uniquely designed heat exchange tube peak and valley composition, which makes a major breakthrough in the performance of the heat exchanger. It overcomes the poor heat exchange capacity and fouling of other heat exchangers, but also inherits the advantages of robustness and reliability of tubular heat exchangers. When the medium flows through the corrugated tube, it will produce disturbances inside and outside the tube, hindering the thickening of the boundary layer, enhancing heat transfer, and improving heat transfer efficiency. The special structure and shape of the corrugated tube can produce low-frequency micro-vibration under the action of the medium, which has a strong self-cleaning effect and is not easy to scale; it has the function of automatic thermal stress compensation without adding expansion joints; the corrugated tube heat exchanger has thermal efficiency High, small size, stable performance, reliability, etc., are widely used in hot water heating and heating systems in urban central heating, power plants, petroleum, chemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals and other industries.



The performance characteristics of the corrugated tube heat exchanger:

1. High heat transfer efficiency

The corrugated tube heat exchanger is realized by the unique heat transfer element. The special wave peak and valley bottom design of the corrugated tube makes the fluid flow. This is due to the continuous sudden changes of the inside and outside of the tube and the formation of strong turbulence. Even if the flow rate is small, the fluid will form a strong interference inside and outside the tube, thereby greatly improving the heat transfer. The heat transfer coefficient of the tube is 2-3 times that of the traditional tube heat exchanger.

2. Operation is stable and does not pollute, block, or scale

Affected by the temperature difference of the medium, the corrugated tube will produce slight axial expansion and contraction deformation. The curvature will often change on the inside and outside of the tube. During the working process of the corrugated tube, the medium inside and outside the tube is always in a highly turbulent state, which makes it difficult for the solid particles in the medium to deposit and scale. Since the scale layer and the corrugated tube have different linear expansion coefficients, a large pull-off force will be generated between the dirt and the heat exchange tube. Even if the scale deposits, it will be destroyed and cause automatic shedding, so that the heat exchanger always maintains lasting and effective heat exchange performance.

3. Automatic compensation function

The special structure and shape of the corrugated tube can effectively reduce the thermal stress during heating without adding expansion joints, thereby simplifying the product structure and improving the reliability of the product.

4. Reliable and firm

The sealing circumference of the product is short, the existence of wave crests and troughs enhances its axial expansion and contraction ability, effectively reduces the temperature difference stress, can adapt to large temperature differences and pressure changes, so it will not cause leakage and rupture due to the nozzle.