What is fan coil maintenance?

- Apr 11, 2018-

Fan coil installation and use

1)       The surface-mounted vertical fan coil can be placed under the interior window sill, concealed horizontal or ceiling type can be placed in the reserved recess in the wall, the top of the unit is kept horizontal or the drain side is slightly lower for drainage .

2)       The inlet and outlet pipes of the unit should be equipped with valves to regulate the amount of water, and pipes and valves should be well insulated to prevent condensation. Pipe thread connections should be sealed, do not use too much force when connecting, so as not to damage the coil.

3)       The weight of the water pipe connected to the unit must not be borne by the unit.

4)       The condensate pipe can be hosed, but it must not be flattened or bent to ensure smooth drainage.

5)       After the unit is installed, the fan impeller should be turned first, and no abnormal sound can be heard before it can be connected.

6)       The water supply temperature during the summer cooling operation of the unit is 7°C, and the water supply temperature during the winter heating operation is 60°C. The water should be clean and softened.

7)       When in use, open the run valve first and then turn it off when water flows out.

Fault diagnosis and elimination of fan coil




diagnosis method

Method of exclusion

Fan does not run

Line failure

Use a multimeter or pencil to   determine if there is electricity

Repair circuit

Bad capacitor

Measured with a multimeter resistance   file


Motor winding burnout

Check the winding and ground   resistance with a multimeter or measure the insulation resistance with a   megohmmeter

Repair or replace

Poor hot air   effect

Inadequate   control valve opening

Check valve

Open the big   valve

Dirty heat exchanger surface

Visual inspection


There is air   in the coil

Pipeline has   vibration and noise

Exhaust air   from running valve

Air filter plugged

Visual inspection


Insufficient water supply

Check the water supply valve

Open the big valve

Abnormal water supply temperature

Measuring water temperature

Check the freezer or boiler

Improper temperature adjustment

Check the air quality



Water tray tilted unfavorable drainage

Check whether the water tray is   horizontal


Drainage plug

Check the outlet

Remove obstructions

Condensate underwater drops on the   pipeline

Hot and cold water pipes are kept warm


Running valve is not closed

Check wind valve

Shut down


Peculiar smell blowing out

Wind turbine blade surface corrosion

Check fan blades


The filter is broken and deteriorated

Check air filter


Insulation   material damaged and deteriorated

Check   insulation material


There is too much dust in the unit

Check the inside of the unit

Remove dirt