What is FCU work?

- Apr 12, 2018-

What is FCU work?

(1) Fan coils should create an indoor air environment suitable for human comfort. Because the indoor air environment plays a very important role in human comfort, creating the indoor air environment required for human comfort has become the primary task of air conditioning work. If the indoor air temperature is 24N11Y and the relative humidity is 55% and 15%, then the air conditioning work not only needs to maintain 24 Yao's temperature base and 55% humidity base, but also the fan coil ensures 11Y temperature accuracy and *5 % humidity accuracy (ie allowing temperature and humidity fluctuations) as well as high freshness and cleanliness.

(2) Fan coils must meet the indoor air environment required for process production. Some process production processes require extremely high temperature and humidity environments. Temperature and humidity conditions not only directly affect the normal operation of the production process. But also affect the product's output and quality. Such as textile production, precision instrument production and drug production process.

(3) Exclude indoor harmful gases and concentrated heat and moisture. Comfortable air-conditioned rooms with carbon dioxide and bad smell in the bathroom. The toxic, odorous and other harmful gases generated in the production workshop of the process air conditioner, as well as the local parts where a large amount of heat and moisture are emitted, the fan coils need to be eliminated by the channel air-conditioning and exhaust facilities, so as to obtain a good indoor air environment.