What is the advantages of finned fube?

- Oct 10, 2018-

Compared with traditional round tubes, the heat transfer capacity of finned tubes is greatly improved.

 After the fin wall is cut out, the heat flux density q is significantly increased, so that the heat transfer capacity of the finned tube is greatly improved compared with the round tube. The heat transfer capacity of the finned tube increases with the increase of the wing height h, and decreases with the increase of the wing thickness a, but the effect of the wing height on the heat transfer capability of the finned tube is larger than that of the fin. Therefore, when the fin tube is processed by the cutting extrusion forming method, the larger fin height and the appropriate fin thickness can be obtained by adjusting the process parameters, thereby obtaining the optimum heat transfer effect of the fin tube.

Improve the structure of components and improve the performance of components. Saving maintenance costs Many parts of imported equipment are also designed with inadequacies. We have improved their structure, such as capping machines. The movement rod is the main part of the capping machine. It reciprocates up and down about 150 times per minute. Its outer geometry is long Zomm, diameter is 10, and the center has a through hole mm (used for string movement). The movement is synchronized. The rod center hole reciprocates up and down 150 times/min to correct the aluminum cover. From the overall structure analysis, the design is reasonable, but due to the Shanghai 4mm movement through hole, the long Zomm, the proposed. The strength of the machine rod is greatly reduced, and the broken rod phenomenon often occurs during use, which causes great difficulty in the manufacture of the parts. The purchase of 213 yuan l pieces, we have made the following improvements. The movement rod is made of a solid shaft and the outer geometry is the same as before. Only a hole with a diameter of 8.5 and a depth of 25 is drilled at the lower end for the new small movement. A new small movement is always attached to the gland head.

A small spring of 8 is added between the movement rod and the head to ensure that the movement corrects and releases the aluminum cover. After the improvement, the cost is 60 yuan/piece, the effect is excellent, no broken bars appear, and the manufacturing difficulty is greatly reduced, and the manufacturing cost is reduced. Through more than ten years of practice, we have gained some understanding of the imported equipment. When the spare parts are localized, we not only improve the general parts, but also some key important parts, thus saving costs and bringing huge economic benefits to the enterprise. benefit. Significant energy saving and efficiency increase, average energy saving 10%, high up to 30%; improve mechanical power, effectively reduce friction and wear, reduce temperature; maintain equipment accuracy, extend equipment maintenance cycle, reduce oil change times; excellent corrosion protection, removal Rust anti-oxidation function; obvious economic benefits, no pollution, no side effects, real green products.