What is the Advantages of steam heat exchangers?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Advantages of steam heat exchangers

The flow of liquid between the plates is caused to form a turbulent flow. The metal plate can be used with different pressures. The flow path of the "herringbone" small pattern is composed of two adjacent plates whose humanoid angles are different by 180 degrees. Therefore, there are a lot of corners between the plates, which can reach a point of 130mm 2 . The flow path is not easily deformed, has a high withstand voltage, and can withstand a large pressure difference. At the same time, since the flow is three-dimensional, the turbulence is relatively intense, so the heat transfer coefficient is high.

The space occupied by the steam heat exchanger is the smaller one of the various heat exchangers. Under the same heat exchange conditions, the steam heat exchanger covers only 1/3~1/ of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. 4, and does not require additional maintenance space when disassembling.

High heat transfer coefficient:

Since the medium flowing in the plate group can form turbulent flow at a low Reynolds number (Re), and the smooth plate is less likely to generate dirt, there is a very high heat transfer efficiency in the general water and water heat exchange. The heat transfer coefficient of the steam heat exchanger can reach 6000w/m 2 °C or more, which is 3-8 times higher than that of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

High heat recovery rate:

Due to the high heat transfer coefficient, excellent flow ratio characteristics and complete reverse flow, the heat transfer temperature difference can be selected very low, so it is very suitable for low-level heat recovery, using a single steam heat exchanger to achieve more than 90% heat recovery rate It is economically feasible.


The foldable steam heat exchanger has an unmatched adaptability. After installation, the sheet metal group can increase or decrease the process requirements for expansion and contraction.

Low stagnation:

Because of its small flow path and low stagnation flow, it can be started quickly, the reaction is changed quickly when the control operation is changed, and the weight of the device is greatly reduced.

Easy to maintain:

The plate is designed so that it has no dead space, so it can be chemically cleaned on site without disassembly. The detachable steam heat exchanger can also be easily opened for thorough mechanical cleaning