What is The advantages of using globe valves in refrigeration systems?

- May 07, 2018-

The advantages of using globe valves in refrigeration systems

The advantages of using a cut-off valve

1. Double seal design (bellows + fillers). If the bellows fails, stem packing will also avoid.

2. Leakage and compliance with international sealing standards.

3. No fluid loss, reduced energy loss, increased plant safety.

4. Long service life, reduce maintenance times and reduce operating costs.

5. The robust bellows seal design ensures zero leakage of the stem and provides maintenance-free conditions.

The type of globe valve is divided into male thread type and female thread type according to the position of the stem thread. According to the flow direction of the media, there are straight-through, direct-flow, and angled. It can be divided into packing sealing closing valve and the bellows sealing closing valve according to the sealed form.