What is the advantages of water cooled chillers?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Six advantages of water cooled chillers

Of course, air-cooled chillers also have their own advantages in certain specific environments, but in general, the advantages of water-cooled chillers are also very popular! The six outstanding features of the water-cooled chiller include:

1. The water-cooled chiller is safer in operation than the air-cooled chiller, which is more conducive to maintenance and repair.

2. Second, high-quality compressors as the heart of water-cooled chillers, at the same time the compressors are generally produced in Europe, the United States, Japan brand new original compressors, built-in safety protection system, low noise, that is, power saving and durable.

3. Third, the water-cooled chiller is made of the latest high-efficiency externally-threaded copper tube, which is very compact and has a very fast heat dissipation rate. The use of the latest CAD / CAM processing technology, with the CNC machining center to complete the production, compact structure, high reliability, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving.

4. The water-cooled chiller unit is equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drying filter and expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices to ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine for maintenance and repair.

5. The water tank evaporator has built-in automatic water supply device, which saves the installation and maintenance of the Peng-expansion water tank in the engineering installation. It is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow.

6. Water-cooled chiller multi-function operation panel is equipped with ammeter, control system insurance, compressor switch button, water pump switch button, electronic temperature controller, various safety protection fault lights, unit start running indicator light, easy to operate, easy to use . Water-cooled chiller unit configuration: equipped with a single-chip control system, built-in compressor drying filter and expansion valve, maintenance of the valve interface and other devices to ensure the machine is reliable!

   The water-cooled chiller has the above six specific reasons and has always been favored by customers. As the competition in the industry becomes more intense, it will also promote the development of water-cooled chillers to high efficiency and energy saving!