What is the application of drying room?

- Sep 14, 2018-

The advanced hot air circulation system distributes the temperature evenly in the studio, and the low noise fan system creates a quiet working environment. Sealed electric heating tube, stable performance and long life. 

The bottom is equipped with rails and equipped with trolleys for loading workpieces or test pieces, which is highly efficient. The intake and exhaust devices can adjust the amount of ventilation in the working chamber. 

The independent console can be controlled nearby or centralized in the control room. It can be imported with high-precision intelligent program temperature control instrument temperature control, P.I.D parameter self-adjustment, solid state relay power adjustment, preset multi-stage program temperature control curve. 

The intelligent temperature control instrument controls the temperature and the control is sensitive and reliable. The recorder records the entire process temperature profile. The over-temperature protection device can emit an audible and visual alarm signal and cut off the heating power to protect the safety of equipment and workpieces.