What is the application of fan coil unit?

- Apr 23, 2018-

The application of fan coil unit in air conditioning engineering is mainly combined with the new wind system.

The fan coil consists of a coil (surface air cooler, usually 2-3 rows) and a fan (forward multi-wing centrifugal fan or a flow fan), whose air volume is within 250-2500m3 /h.

Composition of fan coil unit: fan coil unit consists of fan, motor, coil, air filter, room temperature adjusting device and box body.

Fan coil units working principle is: the unit of cycle fan is in the air of the room, make it continuously through the cold water or hot water coil, by continual cooling or heating, to keep the temperature of the room.

Among them, the effect of air filter is to filter the dust in indoor circulating air, improve the hygienic conditions of the room, and protect the coils from dust, to ensure the air volume and heat exchange effect.

The main advantage of the fan coil air conditioning system is that the noise is small and suitable for hotel rooms. The superiority of individual control; The system partition is easy to adjust and control; Fan coil itself small size, layout and installation is more convenient.

The main disadvantage of the fan coil air conditioning system is that it is necessary to cooperate effectively with the construction and other works because the unit is set indoors.The unit is relatively dispersed, and its maintenance workload is larger.The problem of fresh air must be solved.The fan static pressure is small, cannot use the high performance filter, make indoor air cleanliness is not high.

From the structure of fan coil, its main characteristic is centrifugal multi-leaf blower is adopted, and the impeller diameter is generally below 150mm,under 100Pa, the impeller is made of galvanized steel, aluminum or ABS engineering plastics.

The motor is generally capacitive, and can change the speed of the motor to change the air volume of the fan.

The ratio of high, medium and low is about 1:0. 75:0. 5; The coil tube is usually made of copper tube ripple or strip.The outer diameter of copper pipe is 10mm and the wall thickness is 0. 35mm, aluminum plate thickness 0. 12 ~ 0. 15mm, slice distance 2 ~ 2. 3 mm

In the process of process, it is used to ensure the close contact between copper tube and aluminum ribs, improve the thermal conductivity, and the number of the coil is two or three rows.

The filter material of air filter is made of coarse - hole foam, fiber fabric or nylon fabric.In practical engineering, the fan coil is widely used in rooms, offices and other buildings with its advantages of flexibility and low noise.The fan coil unit is mainly used to provide indoor heat and humidity load, while the new wind is concentrated by other equipment.