What is the best thing to clean AC coils with?

- Apr 04, 2018-

What is the best thing to clean AC coils with?

Step 1 Shake before spraying

The air-conditioning cleaning agent must be shaken up and down before use to allow the pressure in the bottle to rise. Then just spray the heat-dissipating fins on the air-conditioner just fine. Care should be taken not to spray other electrical components here.


Step 2 Spray evenly and wait

After both the left and right heat sinks are sprayed, we have to wait 15-30 minutes. This is to allow the cleaning agent to fully react with the dust on the heat sink, and also allow the heat sink to have access to the air-conditioning cleaning fluid in more places. We can also see in the packaging, air-conditioning cleaning agent also has a certain degree of bacteria sterilization, so waiting for a period of time can make your air-conditioning more healthy.


Step 3 Panel Cleaning

After cleaning the two main components of the air conditioner, we must not forget to clean the air conditioner casing. This mainly includes the front panel and the air outlet of the air conditioner. Of course, we need to clean it up at the filter's bayonet. Use a clean cloth to do it.

After taking down the panel, we can see that there is a lot of dust on the back of it. Another place that is easily overlooked is the air outlet. In the closed state, air conditioners are generally not visible inside the fan blades. The up and down swing outlets are better to clean up, and the blades that swing around inside and out are not easy to clean. Here we can also tie the towel to the end of the toothbrush, which is more convenient.


Step 4 Turn on the air conditioner

When we are all cleared up, just install the air conditioner filter back. Then choose the air-conditioning cooling mode, run for 15-30 minutes. Here the air conditioner uses the cooling mode, the maximum wind power running for 30 minutes. Just now we spray the air-conditioning cleaning agent will be discharged through the drain pipe to the outside, it is also recommended that you run more for a while, so that air-conditioning cleaning agent completely discharged from the air conditioning.


Step 5: You're done

The above air-conditioning cleaning demonstration is suitable for ordinary home use.