What is the design structure of the cooler?

- May 16, 2018-

What is the design structure of the cooler?

1. The cooler is designed to ensure the homogeneity of the fluid distribution, and to design the head, header, takeover, and partitions;

2. The cooler is designed to meet the thermal and resistance properties. The strength of the main components must be checked to avoid the lack of strength under extreme working conditions, resulting in damage or over-selection resulting in wastage;

3, coolers should consider maintenance (including cleaning, maintenance and maintenance, etc.) and transportation requirements.

4, the maximum working temperature and maximum working pressure of the cooler, as well as thermal design and resistance calculation results, determine the materials and dimensions of each part, to ensure its stable operation performance;

5, cooler select the welding method and sealing material according to the working temperature, pressure and fluid properties.