What is the development of fan coil unit?

- Apr 14, 2018-

China's fan coil has undergone several different changes. In the initial stage, the understanding of the fan coil units was mainly based on meeting the air volume requirements.Thinking that as long as the air volume is large enough to meet the requirements, it is a good fan coil.

Under the guidance of this idea, the main feature of the fan coil unit produced at that time was that the air volume was generally exceeded, resulting in large noise and high energy consumption. The unit power capacity of the fan coil unit produced at the time of production was tested. Only about 40W.

Due to the large noise, the situation at the time was that people have to bear the annoying noise while enjoying the cold air brought by the air conditioning.

In order to solve the above problems, the state began to modify the fan coil unit product standards.

The rapid development of China's fan coil manufacturing industry, the annual production has increased dramatically from thousands of units in the early 1980s to several tens of thousands of units, product performance has long been in the foreign seventies.

With such rapid growth at a low level, the outlook is not optimistic. In the mid-1980s, the overseas fan coil manufacturing represented by American Trane, York, Carrier and other companies had successively completed the upgrading of products and introduced a new generation of products.

At that time, China's air-conditioning industry was reveling that domestic fan coils were close to foreign products in isolated parameters such as cooling capacity and noise and ignored the real gap between the overall performance and the use effect. As a result, this product replacement failed to cause any in the air conditioning industry in China repercussions.

In fact, the latest generation of fan coils in foreign countries must be ahead of China's products in terms of performance, variety, and air conditioning.

Fan coil is the ideal end product of central air conditioning. Fan coils are widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, scientific research institutions.

It is understood that in order to meet the design choices for different occasions, there are many types of fan coils, horizontal concealed (with return wind box) fan coil, horizontal exposed fan coil, vertical concealed fan coil, vertical Surface mounted fan coils, cassette-type two-outlet fan coils, cassette-type four-outlet fan coils, and wall-mounted fan coils.

The selection of fan coils is a key issue. Selecting fan coils based on the maximum cooling load of air-conditioned rooms is a common practice in the design of air-conditioning systems. Its purpose is to ensure the room temperature at peak load.

In fact, most of the time in the air-conditioned room will not be at peak load, so that the amount of excess cooling, and switch to the middle and low-grade operation to reduce the cooling output, so as to maintain the thermal balance of the room.

Selecting a fan coil unit, in addition to the cooling capacity to meet the calculation of the cold load requirements, it is also required to meet the sensible heat and the latent heat matching to meet the requirements of the room heat and humidity ratio; the air volume must meet the air temperature difference, air changes and airflow organization 

Use requirements such as.

Fan coils are used as the central air conditioning terminal equipment, and its quality determines the indoor air conditioning effect. At the same time, its cleaning problems also directly affect the use of central air conditioning.

There are many dust particles in the atmosphere. Under the action of long-term pumping and returning, the aluminum fins of fans are filled with dust and dirt. On the one hand, this affects the heat exchange between chilled water and hot air, which affects the air temperature; On the one hand, it also affected the sending of cold air that has cooled down after heat exchange, causing air conditioning and the room to remain cool.

Because the central air-conditioning unit has cooled 7-degree water into the fan-coil after cooling, it is 15-16 degrees cold air after being exchanged in the fan-coil, which lowers the room temperature. Therefore, after the central air conditioner has been used for a period of time, the aluminum fins of the fan must be cleaned to solve the above drawbacks.

At present, the market share of traditional commercial central air-conditioning fan coils tends to be stable, and it is very difficult for companies to explore new situations in them.

In the face of fierce market competition, many central air-conditioning fan coil management companies have opened up market segments to avoid confrontation with traditional counterparts. The rail transportation sector has become a market for many central air-conditioning companies to compete.