What is the difference between a chiller and an air conditioner?

- Mar 13, 2020-

The purpose of the chiller is to provide a cold source (cold water). The purpose of the air-conditioning unit is to regulate the ambient temperature through the cold water provided by the chiller.

The chiller provides cold water to the fan coil unit (combined air-conditioning unit, cabinet unit) and the end of the air conditioner. The air-conditioning unit can also be understood as a large fan coil unit, which belongs to a Chinese-style air-conditioning system. It is the main equipment for filtering air and various heat and humidity treatments to make the indoor air reach a predetermined temperature, humidity and cleanliness, and maintain sufficient fresh air and comfort in the room.

The air-conditioning unit is the equipment that uses cold refrigerant such as R22 and works through the compressor to generate 7-12 degrees of cold water through heat exchange to supply the terminal air-conditioning box. There are two types of air-cooled / water-cooled. The air-conditioning unit is an air treatment equipment assembled from various air treatment functional sections.