What is the features of air handing unit

- Jan 20, 2021-

Features of an air handing unit

Flexible combination and complete functions

The combined air handling unit is composed of mixing, surface cooling, heating, filtering, air supply and other functional segments. It is flexible in selection and the shell is convenient to realize cooling, heating, dehumidification, filtration, noise reduction, mixing, disinfection, heat recovery, etc. Kind of air handling function.

Frame structure is beautiful and generous

The unit adopts double-layer steel plate and polyurethane foam filling material in the middle. It has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, excellent thermal insulation performance, high pressure bearing, and can meet the high residual pressure requirements of the unit. It has a simple and beautiful appearance, easy assembly, flat interior, and air leakage Low rate and good sealing.

Stable operation and energy saving

The unit adopts a world-renowned brand low-noise double-inlet centrifugal fan or fan without volute, which can provide 100-1200pa external static pressure; the fan has no shock absorption and soft connection devices, which minimizes the vibration and noise during the operation of the unit. The unit shell matches a variety of operating characteristics, using chilled water provided by the host for cooling (hot water heating in winter), or a direct evaporative refrigeration system with a compressor.

Intelligent control remote communication

The unit adopts the design of electromechanical digital integration. The intelligent control system can accurately adjust the operating conditions of the system and automatically adjust the supply air temperature according to load changes. It has multiple detections, multiple protection functions, and safer operation. It can be configured with a remote control interface to achieve air conditioning technology and The perfect combination of building intelligent control technology enables users to experience the high efficiency brought by digitalization.

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