What is the features of air heat exchanger?

- Sep 18, 2018-

The air heat exchanger, also known as the radiator, is a heat exchange device that cools or heats the air with a hot and cold medium. The high-temperature water and steam high-temperature heat-conducting oil can be used to heat the air, and the freon or low-temperature water can be used to cool the air. 

Therefore, it is widely used in air heating, cooling, dehumidification and drying of light industry, construction, chemical, machinery, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, electric power, electronics, food, medicine, metallurgy, painting, wood, plastic rubber and other industries. And other projects.

Product specifications: PLZ type, SRZ type, GLII type, UII type, KL type, TL type, TLS type, FUL type, S type and other radiators.

Fin processing form: winding type, rolling type, string type, sleeve type, soldering type.

Fin tube material: steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, steel aluminum, copper-aluminum composite type.

In addition to the stereotyped products, our factory can design and manufacture various non-standard radiators for users.