What is the features of Fin heat exchanger from Vrcooler?

- Aug 02, 2018-

Fin heat exchanger product features and technical services

     1. A variety of high efficiency internally threaded copper tubes for finned heat exchangers (φ7, φ7.94, φ9.52, φ12.7, φ15.88);

     2. Various fin specifications of finned heat exchangers (flat sheets, crease sheets, corrugated sheets, bridge sheets, louvers, etc.);

     3. Complete product types (evaporator, condenser, liquid coil, etc.);

     4. A heat exchanger specially producing copper finned copper tubes;

     5. Fin heat exchanger optional anti-corrosion coating heat exchanger;

     6. Strong heat exchanger design capability of finned heat exchangers;

     7. Product pressure test according to the pressure vessel standard;

     8. Control the water content and impurities of the product according to the standard;

     9. Product performance meets R134a/R404A standards;

     10. Professional and technical personnel provide pre-sale and after-sale technical services;

     11. Provide different supply solutions according to customer needs.