What is the features of steam heat exchanger?

- Nov 09, 2018-

(1) Small and efficient: Since the heat transfer process is carried out in a thin plate of 0.5 mm, it has a high heat transfer efficiency, and the heat transfer efficiency after the coupling is over 90%.

(2) Dust is difficult to block: The exhaust flows through the plate in a laminar flow, and at the same time, it does not cause turbulence due to the angle of 60° with the gas inflow surface, and the dust does not block.

(3) Easy to clean: Although dust should not be blocked, if it is used in a place with a lot of dust (100mg/m3 or more), it should be set by the time of the automatic cleaning device, and the operation can be at an appropriate interval. Wash at any time. Generally, hot water of 60 ° C is used, and sometimes it must be washed with alkaline water.

(4) Long life: The structure is very simple, there is no driving part and aging factor.

(5) No pollution: It is used to separate the two media in the whole welding, so the exhaust gas cannot enter the gas supply.

(6) Noise reduction effect: Since the thin plate can absorb wind pressure, the noise is lower than 40Db, so noise can be prevented.