What is the features of Titanium coaxial corrugated tube heat exchanger?

- Mar 24, 2020-


The main features of titanium corrugated tube heat exchanger:

1, High efficiency heat transfer: Because of using titanium corrugated tube, the flow channel continuously mutation, so that it always in a highly turbulent although the fluid velocity is very low. It is very difficult to become a laminar flow, and the main resistance for convective heat had being overcome. Simultaneously, the heat transfer are enhanced. so it has high efficiency heat transfer, more than the titanium plain tubes in 2 to 3 times.

2, Anti-fouling ability: The particles in the fluid are difficult to forming in the high turbulence in the flow channel. However, even with a small amount of scale formation on the wall, the turbulence of medium in the pipe, which is strongly erosion anti-fouling ability. Furthermore, it changes the stress of the different temperature between the inner tube and the outer tube, and the curvature

of the thread pipe which has elastic characteristics has been changed lightly. That is why the threaded tube heat exchanger has the ability of antifouling and descaling.

3, Strong stress compensation ability: Because of the characteristics of thin-walled, elastic and structural shape threaded pipe, the curvature was changed lightly when the large temperature difference the inner tube and the outer tube to compensate and eliminate the thermal stress. Consequently to prevent the traditional tube heat exchanger to cracking efficiently.

4, With compact structure, small and light: The heat transfer coefficient of the threaded pipe heat exchanger is very high, and the required heat transfer areas are little, also with the small wall thickness, so the titanium corrugated tube heat exchanger has compact structure, small size and light weight.