What is the generator set? Why the temperature of generator set is very high?

- Apr 28, 2018-

Through our many times of practice, this is due to the fact that the water tank of the generator set has produced scale and blocked its circulation system, so that the water tank of the generator set is not fluent and the water temperature is high. Then, why is the water tank of the generator set blocked?

General customers do not pay attention to the instructions of our company when using diesel generator sets, especially the requirements for filling coolant tanks of generator sets. Do not add ordinary tap water or deep well water to the generator's water tank because the mineral content in the water is relatively high. As long as the generator set is used for a period of time, it is prone to scale. The more minerals, the greater the scale produced and the easier it is to clog the tank.

Therefore, we must add soft water in the tank, which is what we call pure water. In fact, the best material to add is antifreeze, so that no matter how long the diesel generator is used, it will not produce high temperatures. Of course, because diesel generators also have some depletion of antifreeze when used, they must also be regularly replenished with antifreeze, and must not be allowed to run at high temperatures for long periods of time. In addition, if diesel generators are used in the southern region, it is not necessary to add antifreeze. Simply add normal purified water, which will save some operating costs. In addition, the water tank of the generator set should be regularly cleaned, regardless of whether it is added with water or antifreeze, so as to avoid the presence of debris in the water tank. This can easily cause the water of the generator set to rise to high temperatures and cause an alarm.

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