What is the heat source method introduction of Steam heat exchanger?

- Sep 29, 2018-

The specific application knowledge of steam heat exchangers believes that everyone has a certain understanding. When it comes to this, we will give you an analysis and explanation on the most basic application principle. I hope that through our introduction, we can better help you understand and apply. Let's listen to the relevant professional introductions below.

Under normal circumstances, the most basic working principle of steam heat exchangers is that steam is used as a heat source to heat water. In heat, air conditioning and domestic hot water, which heat exchanger is selected is an important part of the overall design. In addition, the steam heat exchanger is basically the use of steam as a heat source to heat water in two ways, one of which is indirect heating, that is, steam and water are two independent systems, through the surface of the thermal energy from the metal High grades are transmitted to low grades. The other is direct heating, which means that the water is heated by direct mixing with steam. I hope that the above specific application knowledge about the steam heat exchanger can better help you understand and apply.