What is the main application of steam heat exchanger?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Steam heat exchangers are mainly used for air heating in drying systems

The steam heat exchanger is mainly used for air heating in the drying system. It is the main equipment in the hot air device. The heat medium used in the radiator can be steam or hot water, and the heat transfer oil can also be used. The working pressure of the steam generally does not exceed 0.8Mpa. The temperature of the air is below 150 °C.

The finned heat sink is mainly composed of three rows of parallel spiral finned tube bundles. The SRZ heat radiating finned tube bundle is processed by a mechanical winding method of 0.5*10 mm steel strip, which is wound around 18 mm seamlessly. On the steel pipe, then hot-dip galvanizing, stainless steel pipe and stainless steel belt can also be used to make all-stainless steel radiator, SRL-type radiator is a finned radiator with steel pipe and aluminum strip rolling, the heat dissipation area ratio per unit length is SRZ The type is bigger.

Due to the mechanical winding, the contact surface between the heat dissipating fin and the heat dissipating tube is large and tight, the heat transfer performance is good and stable, the air passing resistance is small, steam or hot water flows through the steel pipe, and the heat is transmitted to the fin through the tightly wound steel pipe. Through the air between the fins, the function of heating and cooling air is achieved.

The steam heat exchanger is composed of a heat dissipation pipe, a radiator tank, a pipe valve rack, and a wind box. The heat-dissipating pipe is installed in the radiator box, and the wall of the box is lined with heat insulating material. The pipe is equipped with a shut-off valve, a filter, a steam trap, etc., and the air outlet is connected at the air outlet to adjust the wind power.