What is the main basic knowledge of FL series oil cooler?

- Dec 12, 2018-

FL series oil coolers mainly use mobile machinery (excavators, loaders, forklifts, cranes, combine harvesters, asphalt pavers, road construction machinery, engineering vehicles, etc.) and are suitable for hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, cooling systems, etc. , cooling the working medium to the required temperature.

First, the oil cooler uses air as a cooling medium with the following advantages:

1. The medium is non-polluting 2. The medium is inexhaustible 3. The structure is simple and there is no thermal resistance. The meaning of the model: FL—air cooler; 20—heat exchange area (m2)

Second, the oil cooler performance parameters

l, traditional coefficient: ≤ 55 W / m2 ° C

2, design: temperature 100 ° C

3, working pressure: 1.6MPa

4, pressure drop: 0.1MPa

Third, the oil cooler manufacturing process form

1. The whole copper rolled spiral finned tube;

2. The whole aluminum rolling spiral assisting tube;

3. The light pipe is wrapped with fins, and the fins can be aluminum, iron and copper according to requirements;

4, light pipe stamping forming fin welding.

Oil cooler use instructions

1. A filter should be provided before the dirty media passes through the cooler.

2. It is best to install in a separate oil circuit to prevent the boost from exceeding the working pressure.

3. Before starting the cooler, check whether the fan is installed correctly and whether the screws are tight.

4. After starting the fan, slowly pass the cooling medium.

5. It is best to drain the air inside the device before use to improve heat exchange efficiency.

6. When the cold season is stopped, the remaining oil in the cooler should be drained.