What is the Main performance of finned tubes?

- Aug 20, 2018-

A finned tube is a heat exchange element. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, the heat transfer tube is usually added to the surface of the heat exchange tube to increase the outer surface area (or inner surface area) of the heat exchange tube, thereby achieving the purpose of improving heat exchange efficiency, such a heat exchange tube.

As a heat exchange component, the finned tube works for a long time under high temperature flue gas conditions. For example, the fin tube of the boiler heat exchanger has a harsh environment, high temperature and high pressure, and is in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires high performance of the finned tube. index.

The finned tube has a high anti-corrosion performance in use; in many cases, the use of the finned tube during the normal use of an item presents a unique environmental advantage, adding a lot of additional The function, on the basis of the original facilities, has improved the functions used, and has better facilitated the use of our lives.

     Wear resistance is also the most prominent feature of finned tubes. When assembling some parts, the wear resistance of the finned tubes will always help the equipment to be used for a long time. Some necessary devices have no volatility in use. The true recognition ability of the finned tube lifting equipment also shows that it has more practical advantages under the protection of the environment.