What is the maintenance and principle of centrifuge cooler?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Brief introduction to the maintenance and principle of centrifuge cooler

    Let me talk about the maintenance and principles of the centrifuge cooler. Centrifuge coolers are widely used in our daily life, and they are inseparable from various industries. For example, our common construction, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing industries are inseparable from centrifuge coolers. The air is heated by high temperature water. Conversely, the stainless steel cooler cools the air by brine or low temperature water. The centrifuge cooler is the main equipment in the heat exchange device that cools or heats the air by using a cold heat medium. The cooler has a system that uses water or other liquid through the coil. If the temperature in the air is to be heated or cooled, it can be done through this system.

    In our lives, no matter what electrical appliances or other, it is inseparable from maintenance. The centrifuge cooler is certainly no exception, even if the cooler is in operation, it should be checked regularly. If the air heat exchanger is scientifically and effectively maintained, the machine's operational reliability and work efficiency will be greatly improved, and its life will also increase. Therefore, we should always check the pipeline inside the machine and the gas valve for oil pollution to ensure that the refrigerant of the unit is leak-free. The surrounding of the unit must be kept dry, and the air is ventilated for an indefinite period of time to clean the air side heat exchanger to ensure that the heat transfer effect is not abnormal.

    During the use of the cooler, remember not to stack any unrelated debris around it to avoid blocking the air inlet and outlet. Make sure that the vents of the unit are good. If the cooler is to be deactivated for a long time, the water in the unit tube should be drained, and the main power supply should be turned off, and the protective measures should be taken. When the machine is turned on, it is necessary to check the entire equipment and system. Make sure that there is no problem before putting it into service.