What is the Maintenance attention point of Fusheng cooler?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Maintenance attention point of Fusheng cooler

The life of the refrigerated cooler is affected by the regular maintenance of the cooler. We can refer to the following maintenance notes of the Fusheng cooler during maintenance.

Maintenance Note 1: The normal operating pressure of the cooler should be within the maximum allowable working pressure shown on the nameplate of the heat exchanger equipment.

Maintenance Note 2: The Fusheng cooler should be equipped with a pressure gauge monitoring (or pressure protection device).

Maintenance Note 3: To prevent the cleaning fluid from entering the heat exchanger system, the valve should be closed during the cleaning process.

Maintenance Note 4: When the system stops working, the medium in the heat exchanger must be drained to avoid corrosion of the equipment.

Maintenance Note 5: When cleaning the heat exchanger, the chloride ion in the cleaning solution should not exceed 25ppm. After cleaning, the cleaning solution should be removed and washed. Before the assembly is put into use, the pressure should be 1.25 times the nominal pressure test. No leakage for 60 minutes. No abnormality.

Our company specially reminds that especially when the Fusheng cooler is stopped in winter, the internal working medium must be completely exhausted to prevent cracking.