What is the Maintenance attention when using FS-EIIiott cooler?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Maintenance attention when using FS-EIIiott cooler

Under normal circumstances, our company recommends that you perform a simple cleaning of the tube before the rehydration cooler is put into use to ensure that the oil cooler pipe is not blocked. Then pay attention to the following points when it is put into use:

1. First, slowly open the throttle and air release door.

2. After the gas is exhausted, close the air release door and open the throttle.

3. Open the outlet water door of the tubular oil cooler completely, open the air door on the top water side, and the air exhaust is closed.

4. Adjust the water gate according to the oil temperature to avoid excessive oil temperature.

Note: If the air inside the refrigerating cooler is not cleaned, it will affect the heat dissipation effect.