What is the Operating and maintenance instructions for air compressor coolers?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Operating and maintenance instructions for air compressor coolers

With the advancement of society, the development of technology, the number of hand-made products is becoming less and less, resulting in many types of coolers on the market today. Among them, air compressor coolers are widely used, so the use of air compressor coolers What are the operations and maintenance instructions that need attention? Please follow the small series to find out.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the dirt inside the water pipe even when using it, because the air compressor cooler used for a long time may produce a lot of dirt. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it may seriously affect the cooling effect. .

Secondly, when using the tube-and-tube cooler, it is necessary to pay attention to the power supply and voltage of the air compressor cooler in advance. Only the power supply and the power supply in the normal range can make the tube-type cooler operate normally, if, the voltage or The power supply is unstable and it is very easy to burn out the motor of the tube cooler.

Finally, Xiao Bian pointed out that when we use it in the usual process, we often overlook some problems, that is, whether some of the motor fan or the screw on the body is loose, it needs to be simple on a regular basis, and once it is found to be replaced or tightened in time.

There are many components of the air cooler.