What is the Precautions when you use fan coil unit?

- Apr 14, 2018-


(1) The performance of the unit must be stable. In particular, the connection between the motor and the fan must not be loosened to prevent additional noise.

(2) As the copper diameter of the unit is small, a filter must be installed on the water supply pipe of the unit to prevent clogging. If necessary, water treatment measures shall be taken in the central engine room.

(3) The condensate pipe of the system must ensure the slope to prevent the condensate from discharging.

(4) The air inlet of the fan coil shall be provided with an air filter, and it shall be cleaned or replaced regularly.

(5) An automatic exhaust valve should be installed at the highest point of the air-conditioning water system to ensure that the water system will not produce air-locking.

The components of the fan coil air conditioning unit are described as follows:

(1) Fan. The fan is one of the main components in the fan coil air conditioner and it plays a role in conveying air. At the same time, it is the driving force for forced convection heat transfer in coiled tubing and enhanced heat transfer capability. At present, the fans used in fan coils are multi-blade centrifugal fans and cross-flow fans.

(2) Coil. The coil is a heat exchanger and is an important part of the fan coil unit. Nowadays, copper tubes are mostly used to penetrate aluminum sheets and are mechanically expanded to eliminate contact thermal resistance. There are also rolled tube production, generally two or three rows of tubes.

(3) Air filter. The filter material is made of coarse-pore foam or fabric, which can be cleaned or replaced.

(4) Fan motor. Capacitive circuits and oil-bearings are generally used and are normally not refueled. Note that if it is not an oil bearing, it should be regularly refueled. Usually has three gears to adjust the air volume, air volume adjustment range is about 50%. 

(5) Cabinet. The concealed cabinet is usually made of galvanized iron. The surface of the surface of the box is painted with paint or plastic, and the iron plate must be treated with pickling and phosphating prior to spraying. The inside of the box must have good insulation measures so that the unit can maintain a good thermal insulation effect when it is running in wet conditions so as to avoid condensation on the shell.