What is the reason why the Fusheng cooler rust?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Fusheng cooler is made of high-quality materials, but the quality of the refrigerating cooler will also be corroded under certain conditions, thus reducing the service life of the equipment, in order to reduce the corrosion phenomenon of the cooler, prolong the cooling The service life of the device, the limit of the index, we must first understand the reasons that may cause the rust of the Fusheng cooler:


1. Medium composition and concentration: The influence of concentration is different. For example, in hydrochloric acid, the higher the concentration, the more severe the corrosion. Carbon steel and stainless steel are the most severely corroded in sulfuric acid with a concentration of about 50%, and when the concentration is increased to more than 60%, the corrosion drops sharply;


2, harmful impurities: harmful impurities including chloride, sulfur, cyanide, ammonia, etc., these impurities can cause severe corrosion in some cases;


3, the ambient temperature: corrosion is a chemical reaction, the corrosion rate increases by about 1 to 3 times for every 10 °C increase in temperature, but there are exceptions;


4, liquid pH: the smaller the general ph value, the greater the corrosion of the metal;


5. Flow rate of liquid: In most cases, the larger the flow rate, the greater the corrosion.


In some specific industrial productions, the operation mode of the cooler and the substances in contact will have an impact on the performance of the cooler. Knowing the cause of the rusting of the Fusheng cooler, it is necessary to take corresponding measures, and some special production methods. Special protection is also required, and effective measures are taken to reduce the corrosion of the cooler and prolong its service life.