What is the repair method of the oil cooler pipe joint?

- Dec 12, 2018-

   The oil cooler mainly uses lubricating oil as the main medium to work. The application of the equipment is currently very extensive, but there will be some problems after long-term application, then how should we solve these problems in the company's website news? I have already explained it to you many times, so today I will mainly describe the repairing of the oil cooler pipe joints here. I hope that you can read the following information carefully.

    The oil cooler has a compact structure and high thermal efficiency. The heat exchange area of the needle tube per unit length is 6 to 8 times that of the light pipe. The elbow joint is connected by a small radius between the needle tubes, and the welds are all welded by argon arc welding. The welding quality is greatly improved compared with the manual welding quality; the volume and weight of the equipment are greatly reduced. Therefore, under the same heat exchange area, the equipment investment is greatly reduced, and in terms of equipment layout and installation, the user is provided with a larger space.

    The oil cooler heat transfer tube uses a copper tube to roll out the heat radiating fins, and the heat exchange area is large, the product volume is small, and the weight is light. Oil coolers are suitable for the cooling of low viscosity and cleaner oils; they can be used in plastic machinery, hydraulic equipment, air compressors, oil slick systems, fluid couplings, electrical installations and other industries. This series of products can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements from small to medium-sized.

    The normal operation of the steam turbine generator set consumes a part of the work due to the friction of the bearing. The oil cooler will be converted into heat to raise the temperature of the lubricating oil of the bearing. If the oil temperature is too high, the bearing may be softened, deformed or burnt. In order to make the bearing run normally, the temperature of the lubricating oil must be kept within a certain range. Generally, the temperature of the oil entering the bearing is 35-45 °C, and the temperature rise of the oil of the bearing is generally 10~15 °C. Therefore, the oil discharged from the bearing must be cooled. In order to recirculate into the bearing lubrication.

    When welding the oil cooler pipe joints, our company found that the method of using argon arc welding is more advanced and convenient than other welding methods.