What is the specific reason of the deformation of the cooler?

- Jul 31, 2018-

During the use of the cooler, the deformation of the cooler may occur due to operational reasons or the cooler itself

This may be due to the bad contact during the welding process itself, and the deformation may be caused by the temperature change during the use

Why is the cooler getting out of shape?

Due to the unevenness of temperature distribution during the use of the cooler, the welding seam and the welding side of the welding seam are in the high temperature area, resulting in a large amount of shrinkage after cooling 

However, the shrinkage in the low temperature area is small, which leads to the change of the shape of the tube plate. The change of the shape is related to the specific structure, the position of the weld and the shrinkage of the weld itself

Generally speaking, the welding method adopted by the cooler results in the transverse contraction deformation and the longitudinal contraction deformation leading to the deflection of the tube plate

In the process of use, the transverse contraction of the weld leads to angular deformation, and its deformation is related to plate thickness, weld size and welding line energy, etc., which is the main factor causing the deformation of the sealing surface

The thin and less rigid material used in the tube plate is also the cause of deformation. At the same time, because the temperature of the welding surface is higher than that of the back, the compression and plastic deformation of the welding surface is greater than that of the back

Sometimes even under the action of bending moment, there may be tensile plastic deformation on the back, so there will be large angular deformation after cooling

In summary, it is the most important to choose a manufacturer of coolers with excellent quality and reliable service. There is no problem with the cooler itself, which is the precondition for efficient operation

In daily maintenance, yuanwang also reminds people not to be careless, and the details should be in place, so as to avoid deformation problems to the maximum extent