What is the treatment of oil cooler leakage?

- Dec 12, 2018-

Introduction to the cause and treatment of oil cooler leakage failure

     The oil cooler's oil leakage is a headache for many customers. This not only affects work efficiency, but also wastes resources. Therefore, it is very important to solve this problem. How can we prevent the oil cooler from leaking? Everyone has also made a specific analysis.

      For the oil cooler leakage fault, the following analysis and processing were carried out:

      1. Reduce the temperature of the inlet, remove the pipeline at the inlet of the oil cooler, add two water jackets, and use circulating water for cooling, which can reduce the inlet temperature of the oil cooler by 8 degrees Celsius, greatly reducing the stress.

      2. Eliminate part of the stress (increasing the expansion joint in the cylinder of the oil cooler device)

      3. In order to better eliminate the expansion stress, the swell expansion and welding between the condensing tube and the tube plate of the cooler can be directly selected for welding.

      4. For the Cl-corrosion problem, it is possible to reduce the Cl- concentration in the circulating water and weaken the Cl-corrosion.

      5, the cooler in the inlet for the high temperature gas flushing tube, you can add anti-shock plate at the entrance to avoid direct flushing of the tube, to avoid the phenomenon of high temperature, to prevent rapid evaporation of cooling water.

      6. Change the tube plate of the oil cooler from a composite plate to a stainless steel plate to prevent the cooler from corroding the tube sheet due to leakage of the tube.

      When the oil cooler is put into use, it is inevitable that there will be leakage. We should pay attention to it when using it to avoid unnecessary damage.