What is the use, content and principle of heat exchangers?

- Sep 18, 2018-

What is the use, content and principle of heat exchangers?

The application, content and principle of heat exchangers are based on the fundamentals of thermal accounting, with the partition wall type, and regenerative heat exchanger as the main objects, systematically discussing their obligations, heat transfer accounting, structural accounting, activity resistance accounting. And the design of the times, and several typical high-efficiency partition wall heat exchangers were introduced in a concentrated way, and concisely discussed the implementation of drilling methods, strengthening heat transfer paths, design and utility evaluation.

The system is good, the text is concise, the features are clear, and the reception is unfolded. All kinds of thermal communicators discussed in the book have more illustrations and detailed examples, which is conducive to the readers to grasp the common sense of the school, and the selection of exercises after the book for educational use.

It can be used as a teaching material for advanced thermal energy and power engineering, refrigeration and low temperature skills, and can also be used as reference for professional teachers and students, as well as design and scientific research personnel in chemical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineering.

There are many types of heat exchangers

Plate heat exchanger: equal section, unequal section plate heat exchanger, wide channel plate heat exchanger, narrow channel plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger

Tubular heat exchangers: fixed tube-and-tube heat exchangers, floating-tube heat exchangers, tube-and-tube heat exchangers, floating coiled tubular heat exchangers, etc. (some special industries use non-standard heat exchangers) 

Spiral plate heat exchanger: detachable spiral plate heat exchanger and non-disassembled spiral plate heat exchanger, air heat exchanger (also called air cooled heat exchanger), volumetric heat exchanger, tube plate heat exchanger