What kind of problems can you use with poor quality finned tubes? How should we choose?

- Oct 10, 2018-

What kind of problems can you use with poor quality finned tubes? How should we choose?

In our daily life, we often use a variety of cooling equipment, just like we use computer mobile phones, they are inseparable from the finned tube to heat, with the market demand for finned tubes continue to expand, leading to the market above There are a variety of products, and the inferior products and high-quality products are mixed together, which brings great misleading to the consumers. Although their prices are very cheap, they are compared with the standards set by the state. It is not enough, it will cause great damage to our equipment, which seriously affects the performance of the equipment. Then the problem comes. Since there are inferior products on the market, how can we buy and buy? As a senior finned tube technician, I will introduce you to the considerations for the purchase of finned tubes today.

1: The plane of the finned tube and the surface of the table will be very rough, and such products directly affect the working efficiency of the device.

2: If the processing technology of the finned tube is not perfect, or the material of the finned tube is inferior, it will affect its thermal conductivity. The finned tube products we purchased are marked with cracks. When we purchase, it is best to buy a thicker finned tube because it is very convenient for later use.

3: The last point is also the most important point, that is, after we purchase the appropriate finned tube, we should pay attention to maintenance in daily use, because the environment of using the finned tube is very complicated, we do not pay attention to maintenance. , it will have a very big impact.