What should I do if the finned tube​ vibrates?

- Oct 10, 2018-

What should I do if the finned tube vibrates?

As a heat dissipating device, finned tubes are widely used in boilers and other heat-dissipating products, which provide great convenience for production and life. However, how can the fin tubes vibrate due to the high frequency of use?

1. If the product vibrates, it will have a great impact on the equipment, and the vibration will damage the tube.

2. When the product is getting more and more vibrating, the solution is to increase the diameter of the tube.

3. We can also increase the spacing of the tube cores without changing the flow of the finned tubes, and increase the spacing.

4. It is also possible to change the arrangement of the plates so that the pressure drop and heat transfer can be satisfied.

5. Increase the frequency of movement of the product and increase the thickness of the tube wall to change.